On Dec 2nd we received a call regarding cruelty to horses. As a licensed humane investigator for dogs/cats, and having only just recently taken the test to be licensed for horses, we quickly got ahold of a local humane investigator for horses, and went out on the call. The horses are in dire need as they are foundered and their hooves are so overgrown, they can barely walk. Their hooves have grown to the point of curling up and one is even starting to cut into the fetlock.

These poor horses have been suffering in this condition for a very, very long time. Correcting their hoof problems will, most likely, take over a year, and a lot of visits from the farrier :( And on top of that, one of them is very skinny as well.

The horses are sweet as can be, a mare (Sugar Baby) and a gelding (Jeb), and just want to be cared for and not in pain when they walk. In talking with their elderly owner, we came to realize he was unable to properly care for them. He is also threatening to shoot them. Obviously, we aren't about to let this happen, however we are in need of immediate donations for their care. We need to build another stall for them (as we already have three other rescued horses (a blind one, another foundered one, and an elderly one), fencing to separate them initially, a water heater and of course the costs of the farrier, and ultimately the equine dentist. And, with winter here, we will need more hay and straw.

We know we recently reached out to you for Lemon, the cocker/poodle/Wheaten terrier, and were not expecting such an urgent situation to arise, but are so so in need of donations in order to save these two horses. No donation is too small (or too large :)! Jeb and Sugar Baby are counting on YOU to help them out of this situation and on to a better life!

Update 1/9: After a month of trying to work with the owner he eventually decided to surrender the horses over to us. Now, their road to recovery will truly begin. They will require farrier visits once a month for at least a year, as well as a visit from the equine dentist and possibly chiropractor, due to the damage that walking on foundered feet has done to their backs.

Their spirits have also improved greatly. Sugar Baby is often spotted rolling on her back with joy!


Eloise and Jones were on their last day at a rural animal control, and for some reason, they both just struck a chord with us, and we had to help them. If you know Dont Bully My Breed, you know that we root for the underdogs - and Eloise and Jones are it. It's hard enough for brindle and black dogs to be rescued as it is, but poor Jones has really had it rough and few groups would have considered him in his state. He arrived in horrible condition. He is emaciated - almost as thin as a $5 bill. He is covered in scars on his head and legs, part of his ear is ripped off, and he has some sort of skin condition that we are waiting for a diagnosis on. And to top it all off - he is heartworm positive as well.

Heartworm is not a death sentence - our two last heartworm cases have had fairy tale endings. King got dressed up as a yellow submarine for Halloween - and Jack, now Forrest, is living a spoiled rotten life with a previous adopter. Jones needs this chance as well, and we can't do it without your help. We desperately need donations immediately for his treatment, as well as a foster home. At first, he was a bit shell shocked, but has since warmed up and looooves to stay by your side and lean into you. It's doubtful Jones has ever had a loving, stable home, but he quickly adjusted into a happy, wiggling, dancing, tail-wagging boy :) He's even good with other dogs and plays very nicely with his foster sister Eloise, and his play style is a nice balance of rough yet gentle. He's also crate trained and house broken.

Sweet lil' Eloise needs a foster home urgently as well. While this tiny brindle girl appeared to be a Pit Bull mix in her shelter mugshot, in person, it's another story. She's more of a hound/terrier mix. Luckily for Eloise, DBMB does not limit our help to Pit Bulls alone :) Whatever her breed, she is a sweet, sweet bundle of love. She's only around 25 lbs, an adult, and dog friendly. Can anyone squeeze in this little girl to foster??
Bandit and Smokie are another urgent case that we simply couldn't ignore. A local woman has been caring for them ever since their owner got evicted. And although she was kind enough to keep Bandit and Smokie from ending up in the local pound, she was not in a financial position to have the two dogs vetted. Our initial intent was to alter the pair as we were told that one was a male and one was a female, only to find out that "Smokey" is actually a "Smokie", and that both were females. However once they arrived at our vet, we couldn't let their massive flea infestation and general poor condition go unnoticed. Thus, they required more medical work than we initially expected.They also desperately need foster homes, as they are living outside in a backyard and garage (after being used to living in a home), and it's starting to get very cold out. They are both dog, kid, AND cat friendly! PLEASE, won't anyone consider fostering one or both of them?

We're once again counting on our loyal supporters to step up and foster Eloise, Jones, Bandit and Smokie. We're ideally looking for fosters in the central IL or Chicagoland area, but exceptions could possibly be made due to urgency.
Willow was extremely injured when she was brought into our animal hospital as a found stray. Parts of her front right paw and leg had been de-gloved, and the bone was visible. The tissue was gangrenous up to the elbow and our vet determined she was in that condition for several days. The only thing that could be done was to amputate the leg. Willow must have been in incredible pain. We think she may have taken shelter in a car engine during a rainstorm, and her leg was injured that way. Amazingly, Willow had already been spayed and declawed, so we're hoping that someone is out there looking for her.

Regardless, the bill for her amputation was just over $650. We are in desperate need of donations to help cover this cost. Until we pay off her bill, we cannot help other pitties in need.

You can donate via the Paypal link at the top of this page. Or, since Paypal takes a cut of donations, please email us for address on where to send a check. If sending a check, please write your email address on it, so we can thank you! Please forward this email to all friends, family, coworkers and animal lovers in order to help us, help the animals! Thank you!
Please Help Raina!

EMERGENCY! Just days after pleading for donations to board Woody, we're presented with an urgent emergency case who we just had to help!

Raina was surrendered to our animal hospital on 4/22 after she was severely attacked by another dog. We agreed to give this little 4-month old pit bull puppy a second chance, but we need your help NOW to ensure she survives her battle!

Her injuries are much much worse than we thought they would be. She is very, very badly bitten. Her legs are completely swollen and she is battling massive infections all over her tiny body. One leg has multiple fractures. Due to the severity, she needs surgery as soon as Monday to put in pins, but amputation is also a possibility. There is also swelling in her brain. Despite what she's been through, she's wagging her tail and her spirit is still there.
The first evening bill alone was over $880. It looks like she'll make it through the first 48 hours, which we feared she wouldn't. But little Raina is a fighter. However she's not out of the woods yet, and she still has a very long road of recovery ahead of her. Her already high bills will become enormous without your help.
We SO desperately and urgently need donations to save her precious life and give her a second chance. Truly any amount will help. We've had an unusually high amount of emergencies adding to our bills lately - emaciated Danny Boy was abandoned, Harley need amputation due to osteosarcoma, Venus needed emergency surgery for an impacted tooth, and Woody and Cinnamon had to be moved to boarding kennels due to lack of fosters. We really try not to ask for donations except in the case of an emergency, as we know times are tough for everyone, but little Raina is definitely an emergency!

Please crosspost to all friends, family, and coworkers! Donations can be made via the Paypal link at the top of this page. You can also contact dontbullymybreed@aol.com for info on where to send a check. Please note that we are a 501(c)3 organization and all donations are tax-deductible. Thank you so much and PLEASE everyone keep Raina in your thoughts and prayers.

Update 5/10: Raina was spayed & had a pin placed in her leg on 5/3. We're monitoring her progress carefully and she's been doing great. Thank you so much to the many generous people who donated towards her care. We cannot thank you enough!

Final update: Althoug Raina's leg eventually had to be amputated, she found herself a wonderful forever home! We couldn't have done it without your support!

Don't Bully My Breed Supporters:

Maple (formerly Midnight) was neglected and bounced from home to home before being saved. Maple was tied outside with a jumprope and had a massive flea infestation which caused hair loss all over her back. She was so itchy, she chewed her rear end raw. She had never seen a vet and was overbred - not to mention a huge hematoma was taking over her ear and about to burst at any moment. She is also very underweight.
Maple has now been fully vetted and needs help with her vet bill. She received Distemper/Rabies vaccines, had a fecal performed, had a skin scrape (negative), heartworm test (thankfully negative), microchip implant, was spayed, and had her hematoma drained.

Her ear will need aftercare as well. She was also put on two different medications, one for post-spay pain and one for her skin. She was also boarded before going to her foster home and we need donations for that as well.

Any amount, no matter how big or how small you can give is appreciated! Please donate using Paypal link above, or email us at dontbullymybreed@aol.com for information on where to send a check.

Thank you!
Hi Folks,
Its been awhile since we sent a plea out, and we try to do so only when faced with an urgent situation. In this case, we really need donations for FOUR heartworm positive dogs: Bonnie, Clyde, Tessa, and King.

We've helped two dogs find their forever homes recently, Chico and Kea, and were hoping to work on paying down our vet bill and our kennel bill which are both high, when we found out these four dogs were ALL heartworm positive. We know the economy is bad, but if you've ever supported us in the past, we really really need your help now. These four were saved from high kill animal controls (three in IL, and one out of state). They have WONDERFUL personalities but they are in a holding pattern to start/complete their heartworm treatments.

PLEASE consider making a donation in any amount on our website, dontbullymybreed.org, on the How You Can Help page, http://www.thetruthaboutpitbulls.org/donation.php or, since Paypal takes a cut of each donation, you can email us at dontbullymybreed@aol.com for the address to send a check to.

Please ask all your friends/family/coworkers to consider donating as well. We need donations now more than ever. And, for those of you who are cat lovers, we just helped seven kittens, and their moms. Four of the kittens have been placed, and we have three in a foster home for socializing. This added to our vet bill considerably as this was an additional nine spay/neuters, vaccines, feleuk/FIV tests, microchips, etc.
Violet was a victim of a hit and run on a rural country road with the car never even slowing down. She needed to have one leg amputated and another leg needed a metal pin. We were worried about her quality of life, but she is, only THREE days after surgery, hobbling in her cage, using the litterbox, eating with a hearty appetite, and never shutting her mouth for an instant!!! This little girl has a LOT to say! She is unbelievably sweet and quite the tough little girl who cant wait to be adopted by someone who sees that she is not disabled, but, rather, a tough little girl with a survivor's heart. Who needs four legs anyway? Or even three perfect ones? :)
Tiger, a purebred lab, over 15 years old and his owners severely neglected him. He lived in a garage, come hot or cold, and had a horrible skin condition called sarcoptes, that was unbearably itchy and caused his entire body to lose hair and become raw, red, and inflamed. He also had a massive tumor near his rectum but we had to wait to heal his skin before being able to remove tumor. Upon doing xrays, we found he had been shot in the past, and the pellets were left inside him. His geriatric blood panel came back all good so, besides having a wobbly back end from bad hips,& he finally has the chance to feel painless, safe, comfortable, and loved in his golden years. He has THE most sweet, gentle disposition and has never been grumbly or growly even once during all his treatments. He has been wonderfully patient through this whole process and just seems so so grateful to finally be cherished and loved.

We also wanted you to "meet" Paulie as he is finally ready for adoption after coming from an out of state high kill animal control with horrible injuries. Our vet, upon exam and skin tests, believes he was doused with an acidic substance. His hair may never grow completely back but we think he is SUPER handsome just the way he is. His disposition is amazing and he is just an overgrown puppy, that holds no grudges, and just wants to be adopted so he can sit in your lap for hours.

So, here we are, begging again! And again, we want to express, we understand times are tough right now with the horrible economy and all, but we couldn't refuse helping these animals. If you could please send any amount, large or small, we would greatly, greatly appreciate it. Maybe skip a beer on Fri night (or two or three, and avoid having a hangover? :))) Or pay that one bill you're already late on, a bit later still, and send something for the medical care for these guys? Really, even the smallest amount will help. If you can donate more, it would help tremendously. Either way, we are incredibly grateful for any donation you can send. If you'd like your donation to go to one of these three animals specifically, feel free to let us know. Donations can be made online at http://www.thetruthaboutpitbulls.org/donation.php or you can email us at dontbullymybreed@aol.com and we will let you know the address to mail donations too. Thank you so very much and please crosspost this email to all of your friends/family/coworkers!
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